Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"I brought you flours..."

Have you seen Stranger Than Fiction? It has what I believe to be the most romantic movie moment of all time. A moment when a middle aged ,rather awkward man, totally gets IT and brings the girl he is mesmorized with (who happens to be a baker) a flat with bags of different kinds of flours. It gives me goose bumps every time. Maybe because it is so sweet, but maybe because in my head, I own a bakery. In my head I am also gifted beyond belief, but that is a story for another day.

In my make believe bakery, I take my baked goods from farmers' market to farmers' market, stopping along the way to drop off deliveries at local restaurants that have placed their standing orders, and at each stop I laugh with my regular customers and ask them questions about how their families are doing. I also have a stunning wedding cake business going on in my head and can stack cake higher and decorate it so glamorously that people travel for miles to order one. It is a beautiful bakery....

In reality, I work at my local hospital where I am a phlebotomist. (We are the people with the needles EVERYBODY calls vampires.) Also in reality I am 41, my children are growing up and I am facing my mid-life crisis and barreling right on toward empty nest syndrome. In reality I can't make an icing rose, but I am working on it, and as soon as I am done baking for the day it is time to stop what I am doing, put on my scrubs and head out for the day. This all adds up to a passion that I can't get out of my system, a yearning to make my reality match the picture in my head, and dirty dishes.

I can load and unload my dishwaher until the cows come home, but I always have that stack that won't quite fit in the Frigidaire. I am trying. Oh how I try! Some days I am close, others light years away. Regardless, I have every intention, of making the picture in my head match real life. And, oh yes, if you happen to be in the neighborhood.... There is a load that won't fit in the dishwasher and the soap is under the sink!

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  1. Good talking to you this morning... Don't you just love how things like dishwashing are circular?!! You just get them close to done, and someone uses another one! I have to say that I did a much better job of keeping up with dishes one time when my dishwasher went on the fritz and I ended up using it as a drying rack.