Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Cake at Long Last!

Yesterday, I finally had a chance to bake, and not just anything, a cake! I love to make cake. I don't know if it is the texture of it when I pour it from one bowl to the other or if it is handling the bowls that my mother and grandmother used. Maybe it is the heat of the kitchen. I don't know.

My cake of choice was a devil's food cake. I have been making this cake for 19 years. It was one of the cakes that first converted me from the pie side... Not to knock pies. I will write plenty about them later. The problem with this particular cake has always been the uneven rise while it bakes. It has never mattered how carefully I measured or smoothed, whether or not I remembered to preheat or not, or even whether I baked it in 2 two round pans or one large rectangular one.

I recently made perhaps the biggest discovery of my baking experience. King Arthur Flour. I baked yesterday's cake using King Arthur All Purpose Flour and when I had it mixed I wrapped my pans carefully in Bake Even Strips before putting them in the oven. The result? Both cakes rose beautifully and evenly. They didn't even need levelled. I was amazed by the difference in this cake I knew so well!

In the interest of being totally honest, I will admit my cake was not perfect. It needed one more layer so the KitKats wouldn't have needed trimmed, I wish the icing wouldn't have been chilled before I applied it, I would have like to dressed it up a bit more, but that could be me being picky.
In the meantime, if Food Network calls I am headed out to work, they will have to wait until I am done there. If they come by, just direct to the corner with the dishes and tell them the dishsoap is still under the sink!

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