Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chickens and Turkeys and Ducks! Oh my!

In the last few days hardly anything has gone as I had planned it. The plan of course was to have an incredible blog set up with all kinds of amazing things to look at and read, a couple of notes on recipes I had tried, a few links to webstores on which I am totally dependent, and wisdom spewing forth from my fingertips faster than my legions of fans can grasp it. That hasn't necessarily been the case.

Instead life has been slightly bogged down with chores, work and the mostly mundane. Until, we went to the local feed store. I went in suspecting we would buy 6 pullets. In 6 months 6 pullets could easily provide me with enough eggs to make a cake a day. We left with 8 pullets, and because they were on sale, and our daughter, Avery, is in love with them, 4 ducks.

We fixed them a nice little cubby and realized we didn't have waterers small enough for babies, back we went, daughter in tow. As luck would have it Avery wanted turkeys, my husband Steve thought maybe two more ducks would be a good idea, Avery thought perhaps a dozen chickens would be better than eight, and last but not least when it was said and done I had to have two of the polish crested chickens. The count for the day 14 chickens, 6 ducks (all named Zachary, but that is definitely a story for another day!) and 2 turkeys.

Meanwhile, my baking blog remains nothing about baking, we have increased the number of daily chores needing done, and the dishes, I swear they have started breeding down by the sink. Oh well, no problem I have my week all mapped out. I'll be caught up by Friday!

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