Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day... Already?

How can it be Labor Day already? My summer was swallowed whole by an online Algebra course that didn't even qualify as Algebra.... It was technically PRE-Algebra which means I still have real Algebra to go. This is not one of those random facts about my life that thrills my soul.

Food wise, my life has been equally unexciting. We have eaten more sandwiches than is humanly possible. And not Huge slices of fresh tomatoes piled on fresh bread.... Oh no! I am talking meat, mayo, and cheese, if you care to dig deep into the cavernous gaping hole that is my refrigerator to find it.

For an even simpler meal I can always eat at the hospital, where the food is.... filling.

So, here is what I have accomplished. Pre-Algebra done. Christian has left home schooling and is in school in Sheldon. I have a laptop (for school) that is being converted to a facebooking, blogging computer, and the chickens are almost old enough to lay eggs.

One year from May I can enter MLT school. I have approximately 20 months to see if there is a living in food for me. I have list of goals that I will share one at a time.... In the mean time, this morning my dishes are caught up. It is Labor Day. I plan to cook, cook, cook. I am going to cruise by to pick up a couple of ideas for the week. And I am going to growl (hopefully under my breath) because NOTHING in my kitchen is where it belongs.

All in all, a good day. Food is on. Within an hour something will be bubbling on my stove. Come on by. I will cook if you will do the dishes.